Empire State Building

New York, NY

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Project description

This was a design-only project. We completed work for a CHP plant for the Empire State Building in 2016. The owners had been systematically working to upgrade the efficiency of the building, including lighting retrofits, upgrades to HVAC system, and building envelope work. Since the energy retrofit project began, energy costs have been cut by $4.4 million annually. Our energy system design included a 4 MW reciprocating engine and a 4.6 MW combustion turbine, plus 2 heat recovery steam generators providing high pressure steam to the legacy turbine-driven chillers and steam heating system. It would provide 70% of the electricity and 50% of the heating and cooling load, operating at 65% efficiency.

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Integrated technologies

Project Highlights

System designed to provide 70% of the electricity and 50% of the heating and cooling load

One of the largest buildings in the USA to be awarded LEED Gold certification