Energy Foundations



We pioneered this cost-effective way of introducing low-carbon geothermal heating and cooling into our clients’ buildings with our UK company in the early 2000s and have been at the technology’s forefront ever since. Members of our expert team lecture around the world, and have been involved in hundreds of projects, including some of the largest ever geothermal installations.

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Benefits of

Energy Foundations


Unlike boreholes or horizontal loops, no additional area is required for energy foundations

Does not affect timings on building construction programs

Using energy piles does not prohibit future expansion on the area surrounding the site (as horizontal loops or boreholes might)

Federal Center South in Seattle, a low-carbon governmental building, showcases how effective energy foundations are

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Federal Center South

Seattle, WA


Energy Foundations


Energy foundations (or ‘energy piles’) are where geothermal loops are installed into foundations as the concrete is poured. The thermal load of the foundation can therefore be used for heating or cooling. This is done by the foundation contractor without adding either significant costs or additional time onto a construction schedule. The same principles can be applied to installing loops within tunnels and basement walls.

Whatever the property type, be it a new-build residential block, a hospital, or an existing university campus, we can offer a suitable solution. Low or zero-carbon systems require minimal maintenance and will deliver extremely efficient heating and cooling.