Fuel Cell



Endurant has significant expertise permitting and building fuel cells – we are a Bloom Energy fuel cell engineering and installation partner. We also offer turnkey funded Energy-as-a-Service packages. Because they provide reliable lower-carbon power, fuel cells lend themselves to integration into microgrids and have strong standalone use cases.

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Benefits of

Fuel Cell


Fuel cells are quiet and have very low criteria air emission levels

If running on hydrogen, the only by-products are electricity, water, and heat

From retail to healthcare, fuel cells can be used for diverse applications across industries

See how installing a fuel cell microgrid gave Hartford, CT residents peace of mind

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Hartford, CT


Fuel Cell

fuel cell


Fuel cells are fuel-based, electro-chemical technology. They can run off natural gas or renewable natural gas (RNG). Commercialized hydrogen fuel cells are still in their infancy, but progress is being closely monitored by our team.

Contributing to our strength is our deep understanding of what will work for each client’s specific circumstances. Our expertise in integration with building controls and automation – as well as operations – ensures our fuel cell projects can deliver attractive economic and operational benefits across market segments including hospitals, manufacturing, education campuses, and municipal microgrids.