Microgrids are self-sufficient energy systems serving a specific building, campus, or district. They use intelligent software controllers to match real-time energy supply and demand. Microgrids can operate in parallel with the local utility but often have the ability to ‘island’ during grid outages.

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Benefits of



Local generation ensures microgrids are more efficient than the traditional grid–they don’t suffer transmission and distribution losses

Microgrids provide resilience, allowing infrastructure to operate during grid power outages

When designed properly, microgrids provide better power quality to sensitive loads

See how an Endurant CHP microgrid provides North Shore Towers with reliable electricity even during the worst Nor’easter

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North Shore Towers

New York, NY





Whether it’s for commercial, industrial, or institutional clients, Endurant’s microgrid design approach puts flexibility and futureproofing at the center. We assess critical energy loads, then determine which energy assets combine technical, regulatory, and economic viability.

An Endurant microgrid design is dependent on our clients’ specific needs. A renewables-focused system might include on-site solar PV with batteries. Fuel-sourced generation can ensure full resiliency.

When heat-pump driven thermal generation is added, a ‘total energy’ microgrid can be created. These harness the synergies created when the thermal and electrical systems are optimized under a single controller.