Combined Heat and Power



With over 100 years of cumulative cogeneration experience and a portfolio of 50 MW, Endurant’s team integrates CHP with renewables for microgrids, and builds and refurbishes plants under Service Agreements. We have worked in iconic buildings across the USA, from the Empire State Building to the Transamerica Pyramid.

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Benefits of

Combined Heat and Power


CHP systems recapture heat that is otherwise wasted when generating electricity

Efficiencies of up to 80% can be achieved, double the grid’s average

Natural gas is the most common fuel. Syngas, biogas, and hydrogen blend options are available too

Endurant’s team eliminated production downtime when they took on 17K Muskrat’s islanded CHP

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17K Muskrat

Adelanto, CA


Combined Heat and Power



Combined heat and power (referred to interchangeably as CHP or cogeneration) is a gas-based generation option. The system provides reliable power with thermal energy capture (generally creating hot water or steam). The CO2 emitted can be recycled for use in agricultural facilities.

Part of our strength with fuel-based technologies is our deep understanding of how to design projects to match clients’ requirements. Whether that’s cost-effective heating and cooling as the priority for a municipal detention facility, or resilient power for critical equipment for acute care hospitals, our team assesses needs with stakeholders to propose the optimum solution.