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Mission Statement

Endurant Energy designs, builds, and operates distributed energy resource systems, continuously evolving solutions to protect and optimize the Earth's and our clients' resources.


To be the leading full-service, DER solution design-builder in North America.

What we believe

Today’s electric grid is expensive and often environmentally damaging and unreliable.

Decarbonized, decentralized systems are the way forward

The future of sustainable, distributed energy

Designed to cover peak demand, traditional energy generation is a leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions, and wastes money and labor to operate. As energy demand rises, so will costs. Maintaining the grid in New York alone is expected to cost consumers $30B from 2016-2026.

A more resilient distributed system will be better able to power homes, businesses, and the economy in the face of increasingly prevalent extreme weather events and other disruptions to the grid.

What we believe (continued)

The solution is digitally controlled Distributed Energy Resources (DER) made possible by:
  • Viable energy storage

    — resolves renewable energy’s intermittency challenges. At scale, storage can be used by utilities to cover peak demand, removing  pollution-generating peaking power plants.

  • Falling prices of on-site energy generation

    — which are driven by volume and significant new investment in the technologies.

  • Positive regulation

    — state legislatures are stepping forward. Nation states are looking to mitigate problems caused by air pollution, rising sea levels, and more extreme weather events.

  • The Internet of Things (IoT)

    — enables real-time communication between components of new advanced grid technologies, maximizing efficiencies.

A History of Firsts

  • Deploying three 1MW/1MWh lithium-ion energy storage systems for Con Edison, each interfacing with the utility’s distribution control system and with NYISO’s market participation platform
  • Designed and provided construction oversight services for the nation’s largest geothermal energy foundation project at a major technology company’s new Silicon Valley headquarters
  • Designed and installed an HVAC system for the first ever Walgreens Net Zero Energy Store. It uses a geothermal field (550-foot boreholes) coupled with a trans-critical CO2 refrigeration system, and is one of the most efficient ground-coupled refrigeration schemes ever deployed

Over the last 15 years, Endurant has paved the way with groundbreaking on-site energy solutions. Here a few key highlights of our achievements:

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Integrating technologies increases efficiency and removes costs and unreliability for clients.

Endurant is part of the LS Power family

LS Power and Investment in Energy

LS Power Development

Over 13,000 MW of power generation and 680 miles of transmission infrastructure

LS Power Investment

Over $10 billion in equity capital committed to energy infrastructure 

Endurant’s Affiliates

Endurant Energy

Full service on-site generation (DER) design-build and operations 

EVgo Fast Charging

The USA’s largest public fast-charging network for electric vehicles

REV Renewables & Energy Storage

Nationwide utility-scale renewables and energy storage

CPower Energy Management

Demand response, efficiency, and peak demand management 

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