Cornell Tech Campus

Roosevelt Island, NY

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Project description

The Bloomberg Center on Cornell’s new applied tech campus in New York City is one of the largest aspiring net-zero energy buildings in the United States. The Ground Source Heat Pump system consists of 80 boreholes spaced 20 ft. apart, drilled to a depth of 400 ft. It provides the majority of the heating and cooling load for the building. This system, the first of its kind in the US, uses a unique annulus system to increase the efficiency of the ground loop. It takes advantage of river water penetration through the local bedrock which occurs at a major water-bearing fracture at between 300-380 ft., to accelerate thermal dissipation. We seamlessly integrated with the General Contractor on the site, effortlessly managing the logistical complications that arise from working in a city-center location.

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Integrated technologies

Project Highlights

80 boreholes spaced 20 ft. apart to a depth of 400 ft.

The Bloomberg Center is one of the largest aspiring net-zero buildings in the US. When completed in 2043, the entire campus will house 2,500 residents.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), net-zero or sustainability was a key driver in project

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