Energy Storage



We were first movers in battery energy storage systems (BESS) in NYC and remain leaders in the market. We perform EPC for other energy storage owners, who lack our experience permitting, building, and commissioning battery assets. We also integrate storage into our microgrids.

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Benefits of

Energy Storage


Batteries can balance energy loads, reducing peak demand costs

Clients earn revenue hosting our batteries on-site

Batteries are a reliable backup in cases of grid or other failure

BESS solve renewable energy intermittency, often using solar power generated during the day at night

See how the batteries we built help Con Edison with energy resilience for NYC communities

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New York, NY


Energy Storage


BESS plays a key role in many of our solutions, from reducing customer’s energy prices through peak shaving to supporting electric vehicle charging stations. We also help utilities reduce demand charges and meet energy storage mandates without sacrificing control of the assets on their grid.