We use solar energy generation in conjunction with other technologies, particularly when clients need reduced carbon emissions in campus settings. Our programs help landowners get value from otherwise unleasable space, and our solar-plus-storage model for utilities provides a Non-Wires Alternative.

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Benefits of



Solar is renewable - an effectively unlimited and inexhaustible resource. It is an affordable and environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels

A flexible technology, it is suitable for distributed generation from very small rooftops up to utility-scale

Any disadvantages of solar (inconsistent sunlight due to time, weather, and geographical location) are alleviated by battery integration

Endurant’s team installed solar PV to help Walgreens’s Net-Zero Store reduce the environmental impact of their business

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Walgreens Net-Zero Store

Evanston, IL




Solar technologies convert sunlight (electromagnetic radiation) into electrical or thermal energy, most commonly through Photovoltaic (PV) panels. Solar thermal, which generates heat rather than power, is also a valuable option.

The full potential of solar is unlocked by cost-effective energy storage to counteract intermittency. Our designs maximize on-peak demand reduction, enable time-shifting, and provide resiliency at facility or district scale. With storage we solve capacity problems for utility programs or wholesale markets.