Walgreens Net-Zero Store

Evanston, IL

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Project description

Walgreens approached us to discuss reducing the environmental impact of their business. The project's objective was to decrease the store’s reliance on the local utility and the power grid without increasing long term maintenance costs. We integrated a ground source heat pump system with natural ventilation, daylighting, solar PV and a wind turbine so that during normal operations the store requires no energy from the electricity grid. The building earned LEED Platinum and Green Chill Platinum status and became the first building in the US to integrate 100% CO2 refrigeration with a geothermal system.

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Integrated technologies

Project Highlights

First 100% CO2 refrigeration integrated with geothermal in US

Net-zero energy: during normal operations, store requires no energy from electricity grid

LEED Platinum and GreenChill Platinum ratings