Federal Center South

Seattle, WA

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Project description

We designed and built the largest driven energy pile project in the USA, consisting of 135 closed-end pipe piles at a depth of 120 ft out of a total of 205 driven piles. The system provides 30% of the facility’s heating and cooling needs resulting in the elimination of an originally planned additional boiler and chiller. Technical challenges overcome include factoring in the seismic activity of the area to ensure system efficacy during and after earthquakes. We worked alongside consultant engineers, WSP Flack + Kurtz, assessing and implementing the most effective way to marry the geothermal system to the other innovative heating and cooling systems such as chilled beams and phase-change materials. The building earned an ENERGY STAR score of 100, meaning it is in the top 1% of comparable buildings.

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Integrated technologies

Project Highlights

30% of the facility’s heating and cooling needs are provided by the geothermal foundation system

350 closed-ended pipe piles at 120 ft. deep

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