18 Sneden Ave

Staten Island, NY

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Project description

Bloom Energy, in partnership with Certain Energy and Shell, is deploying over 40 MW throughout the Northeast to decrease carbon emissions, reduce costs, and improve power reliability. This project was designed to take advantage of New York State’s Community Distributed Generation (CDG) and Value of Distributed Energy Resource (VDER) programs. Bloom approached Endurant due to their expansive experience in installation and permitting in New York City. Endurant performed the full turnkey installation, permitting, and general contracting services for this 7.5 MW fuel cell facility. This included a full site excavation and termination to previous feeders in the electrical manholes.

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Integrated technologies

Project Highlights

Largest fuel cell installation in the City of New York

Full civil construction, including gas service installation and distribution to all Bloom equipment

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