Southwest Justice Center

Murrieta, CA

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Project description

Despite a large initial investment, due to poor design the existing system that Endurant Energy found in situ was badly damaged. We produced a comprehensive and highly cost-effective repair proposal, redesigning the 1.5 MW plant to OEM standards. We now run the plant at over 95% reliability. Southwest Justice Center saves $1.45M annually via electrical demand decrease and running cost reductions. Demonstrating our value, our proposed solution was over $200k lower than our nearest rival’s bid. We have reduced the building’s greenhouse gas emissions by 53.3%. The chilled water we generate via heat-exchange compliments the building’s ice storage system, making further efficiencies.

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Integrated technologies

Project Highlights

Greenhouse Gas emissions have dropped by 53.3%

95% reliability with Endurant Energy’s repairs

The facility’s energy bill is reduced by up to $25k per month

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