Oxford University

Oxford, UK

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Project description

Endurant Energy partnered with Oxford University to deliver a cutting-edge ground source heat pump system for the flagship Oxford Earth Sciences Building, South Parks Road, Oxford, UK. The design brief was simple: maximize the heating and cooling output from the ground available while minimizing carbon produced. Geologically the building was challenging as a high-pressure aquifer sits some 65m under the site. Endurant successfully liaised with the Environment agency to agree a drilling depth which would maximize the energy return while minimizing the risk of flooding central Oxford. By drilling under what would become the building footprint during construction, Endurant once again demonstrated its leadership in this field.

Photo credit: 
Bruce Clarke

Integrated technologies

Project Highlights

The hybrid system delivers over 75% of building’s heating and cooling

Continuous optimization currently delivers 23% more CO2 reductions than design predictions

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