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Culture and the promise of the brand

One of the most critical factors in the design of businesses* is the role of the brand, and, more importantly, the promise of the brand. “Brand” is short-hand for the first impression that comes to a person’s mind when they hear the company’s name or [...]

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Why Endurant 5.0?

“What is Endurant 5.0?” people often ask. “Why is your blog called this?” they inquire. My answer is simple and — like most good stories — complicated. If you’ve followed the past eight seasons and recently concluded blockbuster AMC hit series Mad Men you know [...]

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Welcome to Endurant 5.0

Change. It’s the only thing we can count on in an uncertain world. As change masters, we know a lot about change: chiefly, its power to transform organizations and keep them in their sweet spot. How do you know if you’re operating in your sweet [...]

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