Our experience has taught us volumes about changing the way businesses operate. Although recognizing the need for change is easy, it is important to identify the root issues underlying this need.

quote2Globalization, the internet, regulation, competition and other factors driving business change have created unlimited opportunities for organizations that have mastered change. As the leader of a new or long-established company, you know that success depends upon your ability to lead and implement change.

Endurant’s approach and methodologies eliminate the common roadblocks and introduce techniques to make change a normal part of your organization’s pursuit of excellence. By using our approach for adapting to continual change, your organization will be taking the appropriate steps towards developing a culture and organization for managing change.

Philosophy – Change is most effective when those impacted by the change are involved in identifying the need, then defining and participating in the change process.

Approach – Collaboration is a critical ingredient of creativity. Endurant involves your leaders and key members of your operations in a collaborative series of discussions that result in a holistic understanding of the organization and the collective thoughts of several key thinkers.

Methods – Changing from the current to the future way of doing business requires a focused, rapidly implement plan that is unique to your organization and industry. We begin with the end in mind. Our methods ensure that the changes made are in alignment with your organization’s goals, direction and available resources. The solution is designed to strategically position your organization to succeed in the radically changing global economy.

Experts – Change management is not a fad; it is a science. Organization design, change management, and organization architecture must be the work of professionals, not amateurs or charlatans. The solution must be based on a clear understanding of the balance of people, process, and information technology. The solution must be holistic—addressing every important aspect of your operation—and reflect a thorough understanding of the science of change.

Endurant’s consultants have had years of experience leading change in a variety of businesses and industries.

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