Business Process Sourcing
Focusing on your core competencies leads to an operational model that is highly effective and quickly adaptable to changing business environments. When Nike launched the deceptively simple marketing campaign, “just Do It,” consumers paid attention. The message was clear and direct—people should “do” the one sport, the “It,” that made them feel great, set them apart and evoked their passion.

quote1Business Process Sourcing, or BPS, is a model that can make “It” happen for your organization. BPS allows you assemble a network of “sources” that, working together, allows your organization to achieve its objectives without being expert in all the disciplines required to make your company succeed.

A time for change
The time has passed when a single company can do it all. Focusing on your company’s core competencies and involving others in operating the non-core functions can lead to a more effective business. Endurant works with you to understand your way of doing business. Once we have analyzed the business processes and identified the core competencies, our experienced consultants reengineer the flow of transactions to improve operating performance. Then, we engage a network of best-of-breed sources to fill in the weak spots, while ensuring that the network continues to meet their needs.

Your organization’s anatomy
For BPS to work, all parts of your organization must operate like a network. Each source within the network must come together the right way, at the right time, and at the right price. Endurant simplifies this process by creating an organization anatomy, a high level description of how the various sources fit together and how each one of them impacts the overall performance of the organization. It provides the organization the means to direct and manage its investments to meet its goals.

It’s easy
Unlike many other approaches to performance management, BPS is quickly and easily implemented because it is practical, involves the management team, and is readily understood. Endurant can help.

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