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Culture Cop, the Leader’s Disciple

Culture is quickly becoming the secret sauce for adding value to and engaging stakeholders in the organization. Many successful companies are known for their strong cultures and the engagement of their people. HOW DO THEY DO IT? Here’s what I have learned over the past [...]

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Shaping Corporate Culture

Contrary to traditional thinking, corporate culture is in a constant state of change. The drivers of cultural change are the same as the drivers of organizational change. There are many but the big five change drivers are: Mergers & Acquisition – combining two or more [...]

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The NOW Organization, the Digital Workplace, and Culture

“CULTURE? How did we get to culture? I thought we were here to discuss what our desired organization should be -- the organization we need NOW – the digital workplace”. I am paraphrasing a recent conversation with a CEO of a large retail organization. It’s [...]

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Endurant Video Series: The Speed of Business

We are pleased to present our second video in our animation series, The Speed of Business. The Speed of Business explores the differences between the Traditional and NOW Organization, as well as the success of high speed technologies in organizations. View our most recent animation here.

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Millennials and the NOW Organization

Millennials around the world will be bringing forth a new era of innovation. Innovation, not just to solve the complexities of civilized world, but to simplify even the basic functions of life.  Like the prior generations, the biggest challenge to solving problems in the current [...]

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Millennials and Corporate Culture

In spite of what many people say, the Millennials are making a positive impact on not only our generation but all of the generations of the last century. This is most evident in today’s organizations and their workplaces. And, this is good. The Millennials are [...]

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Signs Your Culture Needs Revitalizing

Recent buzz about corporate culture has many CEOs and their teams reassessing their current situation. Is their company’s culture still relevant in today’s fast-paced world?  What has changed since the time when their culture seemed to be a non-issue? While there are many culture surveys [...]

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That Was Then, This is Now

In honor of Endurant’s twenty-fifth year of business, we are creating a series of short videos. These videos will explore the differences in our thinking from then, 1990 and now, 2015. We have experienced a lot of change over the years and would like to [...]

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Understanding Corporate Culture

The nature of corporate culture has changed! It is no longer the corporate culture of Deal & Kennedy’s “Corporate Cultures, The Rites and Rituals of Corporate Life” . It is so much more. In a recent discussion on corporate culture, I was bombarded with questions [...]

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Culture and the Engaged Organization

Culture and engagement has been identified as the most important overall issue for more than 3,300 global leaders. This is a first for the Deloitte “Global Human Capital Trends 2015” report, which surveyed more than 3,300 business and human resource leaders from 106 countries. Leadership, [...]

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