The Core Values Index (CVI) assesses each individual’s innate, unchanging nature. These core values are indicators for the role in which an individual can be most effective. Through CVI tools and training, we can help people align their work with their Core Values, expand their capacity to operate within their secondary Core Values, and honor the Core Values of others.

The premise of this CVI work is that the success of any organization is based upon its ability to create the appropriate balance of core values within the company, and effectively focus the people with each core value toward the tasks they are most likely to perform well.

The CVI data can be used to create Top Performer Profiles (TPP) to target the best candidates for job openings. We also offer the Executive Team Profile, which builds leadership effectiveness, as well as the Human Capital Audit, which provides a comprehensive view of the entire group or organization. Organizations that have used the CVI in concert with these tools have seen 300% productivity increases along with more streamlined and effective hiring practices.

Try the CVI and then contact us to find out how it can help your organization.