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Aligning IT to Business Objectives

A Minnesota-based high tech electronics design company

The Goal

Our client wanted to reduce the cost of Information Systems and optimize future technology investment.

The Challenge

Our client wanted to assess consolidation options and the potential use of outsource services.

Endurant Solution

Endurant used the first four of its eight-step Business Systems Methodology which includes:

  1. Understanding and documenting the Business Systems Model During this step, Endurant analyzed key constituents, including customers, suppliers, employees and the interaction between each group and the systems that support them.
  2. Determining systems priority using System Matrix This step identified systems which were mission critical and those that were less important with the goal of determining where to make investments and what can be potentially outsourced.
  3. Building the Systems Value Matrix Endurant identified every IT system or service in the organization and evaluated the critical characteristics for each item.
  4. Creating the Systems Placement Architecture Endurant designed the Ideal State Architecture for every IT system and service and the interfaces between them.

In the next phase, Endurant focused entirely on High Level requirements. They documented Key System Requirements through interviews with stakeholders and evaluated potential Application Service Providers (ASP). The deliverables included High Level document requirements, a Business Systems Model, and a cost and plan to get to the allocated budget.


Endurant aligned the IT organization with the new business objectives, restructured the IT organization, reduced the number of IT professionals and the overall IT expense by 30+%.