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Re-Tooling for Effective Sales

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The Goal

Jump-start the sales process to quickly transform leading prospects into loyal customers, while simultaneously rolling out a new sales organization and introducing a major new product.

The Challenge

With more than 50,000 leads, generating interest in the company’s products wasn’t the problem. Instead, their sales field organization needed tools to quickly identify the prospects most likely to purchase the product in the shortest amount of time. The company also wanted a way to monitor likely prospects at all points in the sales pipeline. This challenge was multiplied by several factors: the introduction of a new product and ramping up a new sales organization, all within seven weeks. The company’s plans called for rolling out a new sales organization in conjunction with a new product release. In addition to educating its sales force about new selling procedures and practices, their management needed a reliable system to manage and report on sales opportunities throughout the entire selling cycle. And with the new product introduction imminent, the company needed a fast ramp-up. They couldn’t afford any false starts or time-consuming trial-and-error periods that could result in lost sales.

Endurant Solution

Endurant was engaged to develop a new sales process that met the company’s business objectives and increase productivity – all within a very short timeframe. Once the new sales process was in place, Endurant consultants met with several software suppliers and analyzed the benefits of their respective systems. Endurant used a strategic approach to identify a CRM software system that was the best system for helping the company to identify and prioritize its leading sales opportunities. The system would help them capture, manage, qualify and quickly route sales leads to its field sales organization.


Endurant quickly identified and implemented a CRM software system. The implementation took a mere seven weeks – versus the more typical three months. Results included:

  • An immediately productive new sales organization empowered by a central information repository.
  • A more responsive sales force, thanks to an integrated internal/external sales communications process.
  • Management ability to better manage sales cycles and close sales faster