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Implementing State-of-the-Art Financial Systems

Government Agency

The Goal

Managers in a government agency needed the ability to quickly obtain decision-critical information in a user-friendlier format. With $170 million operating budget and a $2 million capital budget, the agency is the one of the fastest growing counties in the country. It employs more than 1,800 permanent employees and up to 1,000 temporary employees. Despite its size and growth, the agency was still mainframe-based for several mission-critical applications.

The Challenge

The agency had twice attempted to implement an integrated financial system within the past few years. Numerous factors — including a change in corporate strategy by one vendor and ineffective support by another—had necessitated backing away and trying again. The Finance and Central Services department was under pressure to get the job done within tight timeframes and on a limited budget.

Endurant Solution

Endurant Business Solutions was engaged by the agency to plan and help implement an Oracle software solution, while building confidence and encouraging the hands-on involvement of agency employees who had weathered the two previous implementation attempts. Endurant worked closely with agency employees and developed detailed plans and timelines, which defined manageable tasks and clear lines of responsibility. Endurant also worked with employees to develop more effective problem solving and troubleshooting skills.


  • The effective implementation of Oracle (phases I, II and III), which has provided agency managers with timely and well-organized information for mission critical functions.
  • Implementation of all three phases was finished on schedule and within budget (for less than $1 million).
  • Strong project management helped invigorate county employees and engendered a “can do, problem-solving” attitude.

The Bottom Line

“Our experience with Endurant was very positive. They spent a lot of time here and really became part of our team. Their willingness to do whatever it took to get the job done inspired employees and created a team approach that was critical to the project’s success. I credit a lot of our success to the project management provided by Endurant. They stayed on task and provided us with regular progress reports. Their professionalism and attention to detail went a long way toward restoring our reputation internally and, most importantly, helping our organization gain the mission-critical information our managers need in the new millennium.”
— Division Manager, Finance & Central Services