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Connecting a global network over the Internet

A large association serving international automotive markets

The Goal

The association wanted to leverage the Internet to connect its global network of associated members and proactively deliver market research information, monitor legislative regulatory issues, and provide additional networking and marketing opportunities to its associations.

The Challenge

The association contracted with Endurant Business Solutions to facilitate the selection, procurement and implementation of its relationship management software. The challenge was to select a software solution that would not only meet its current business objectives but also be able to grow with the evolving needs of its members. An additional challenge was the lack of a common computing platform that could be accessed by all members. The objective was to launch the selected software solution quickly and efficiently with no interruptions to members or internal operations. Endurant also was charged with capturing relevant inputs from the association’s staff members from around the world.

Endurant Solution

Endurant worked with the association to acquire a software solution that balanced its need for specialized association management functions, while providing a user-friendly Internet-based software solution within their budget. Endurant recommended using an ASP to host the necessary Internet association management software, which eliminated the need for a common computing platform. Endurant brought a disciplined project management approach and specialized experience in process design, software assessment and procurement, and solution installation, which enhanced and accelerated the association’s internal review process and implementation capabilities.


  • Cost-effective selection of scaleable “user-friendly” relationship management software within a short time frame.
  • Collective support for the new approach through facilitation of staff member involvement in the effort.
  • Lasting management framework established internally to sustain new global IT platform to better service association members.